Saturday, 15 April 2017


Be happy with yourself and your life, and make it a great one, even if you do that alone. You yourself make it a happy, fulfilled and successful life, with or without a partner.. Direction for Happy Independence: Ladies, you are the Queen of Your Own Life, now and forevermore. Rule your life wisely and well. Be happy now and make the happiest life now, starting today. Do not wait to be happy. Do not wait for someone to make you happy. Do not wait to get this or that, or be this or that, or have this or that, or wait for any person, ever. Don't wait for anyone to give you, get you or bring you anything at all. Wait for nothing and wait for no one. You are the one that you are waiting for, and you always will be.
Don't delay, because today is the day. Don't delay living your life to the fullest, and wait for happiness to be brought to you, given to you, awarded to you, or bestowed upon you. You can have it right now, right here, just as you are, in your pajamas, sweats or jeans. You don't need a royal crown, robe and scepter to be a happy, fulfilled and successful woman. You don't need a king to make you a queen. You don't have to marry a prince to be happy, or to have a "happy ever after." You don't have to even have a prince and you don't have to be married to be happy. You can be royally happy and be a princess perfectly well on your own. Many women are perfectly happy and successful and fulfilled without a romantic partner at all: with no sweetheart, boyfriend, husband, lover or man. A queen with a king who's not loving, supportive, faithful, kind and an equal partner in the kingdom they're creating together will not ever be a happy and productive queen, no matter how big and beautiful the crown the king gives her. A man and a marriage does not guarantee any woman happiness. Actually, many women are quite happy without romantic partners, and they do quite well on their own, and they've chosen -- and continue to choose -- to be on their own. There are women who say, "no" to the "prince" (who may not treat them that royally now, or in the future, much less forevermore), and they never regret it. No one -- no man, husband, no prince, no king, no knight on a white horse -- and no marriage proposal, no ring, no marriage, no title of "wife" or "Mrs." can raise your status any higher when you're already a great woman on your own merits. Say no to what glitters that is not truly golden, that can tarnish. Say no to anything or anyone that limits you, lessens you, controls, oppresses, suppresses and represses you, or diminishes your power to be happy, successful and fulfilled, independently. Always say "yes" to yourself, in all ways. Say "I do" to you.🤔😲