Monday, 9 May 2016


Tanzania Mainland Violence's has been practices in every tribes either directly or indirectly.
 In Northern  and central regions many cases has been reported for women and girls from men.
This can be causes by lack of gender awareness for both women and men and its important of equality.
Among them. patriarchy system is another factor that boost violence's in the society. 

How to overcome this situation?
International fund and Organization should empower local organization who are willing to help the society through their organization.
SMGEO is here to help the society, let us share with you.

Rural children also need love and care from me and you, why cant we help them?

achievements  of new generation starts from establishing a basic foundation from these children in all aspect by empowering them.let us make a project for a rural children who left behind in all aspect as a next generation.

children likes to be happy, and its me and you who can achieve it for them.
open eyes for children.
SMGEO is aware of it and we have started on it, be with us for children.
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Girls need to be empowered in accessing education, so let us unite to help them in our society.

Yes students need quality education regardless where they live.