Thursday, 3 March 2016


SMEGO is looking for volunteers from different parts around the world . We need to copperate with people with different qualification with diferrent level of education so that we can help the society to create awareness in Gender issues and Development as well for better achievements of people in rural and urbani areas.

SMGEO is looking volunteers who are willing to use their knowledge,resources and efforts to support in all all projects  that you fell you can help for running by organization to meet Sustainable Devemopment Goals as well as organization goal .
SMGEO is welcoming all people who want to contribute to the organization projects as much as you can.
You are welcome

gender drama at Bwawani Secondary school showing how patriarchy system affect women in the society

SMGEO still running two projects: 
  1. gender awareness to secondary school in morogoro dodoma and singida
  2. good governance

also students need gender education, SMGEO we appreciate them

The Prefects of Kigwe Secondary school Dodoma after one day short training of Gender Awareness Project in Secondary School

facilitation time during training..!!

a training of Good governance at Ngerengere Morogoro led by a facilitator Mr John Richard

training of Good Governance at Ngerengere-Morogoro

One of the participant is contributing during training of Good Governance at Ngerengere-Morogoro

gender training in secondary school

a student Rose Benedict of Nkonko Secondary (Manyoni District-Singida)contributing during a one day training of Gender Equality Education in Secondary school.

Gender Awaress Training

Women participation in  at Mpola Village Manyoni Singida september 23,2015