Objectives and Purposes

Objectives of the Organization:
By virtue of the Organization’s purpose and statement of belief set forth herein, the Organization’s objectives shall be:
                                i.            To raise  awareness, understanding and knowledge on health  on various diseases including HIV/AIDS  and other STD’s  as well as other diseases affecting Tanzanians people in general in their respectively areas.
                              ii.            Preservation of environment from destruction and the use of other sources like bio gas for domestic activities.
                            iii.            To conduct demonstration to address various matters pertaining in the society like gender violence’s
                            iv.            To make socio-economic researches and analysis for community development benefit.
                              v.            To promote Good Agricultural Practices (GAP’s) in all types of agriculture.
                            vi.  To create programmed of facilitating and evaluation of Gender Based Violence to the community
                          vii.            Establishment of social services centers like schools, hospitals and orphan’s centers to meet Tanzania Development Vision  2025 as well as International Development Vision
                        viii.            To create and establish theatre/ Artisans group that shall promote gender equality, dignity and influence socio- economic development in the community.

 Purpose of Organization
The purpose of this Organization shall be:
        i.            To provide teachings and information that promotes equal integration of both male and female as well as disadvantaged groups including Blind, Cripple, Albinisms, and Deaf in the whole process of development.
      ii.            To help society & individuals willing to make equal opportunity in ownership, access and control.
    iii.            To create employment through projects established by Organization including agricultural and entrepreneurial activities established by organization.
    iv.            To propagate notions that promotes gender relation in the community.
      v.            To provide facts that reveal actual situation of gender issues on the society and it\s impact to the society
    vi.            To promote sustainable use of environments through a forestation and re-afforestation program by integration for both male and female in the community.
  vii.            To create harmony and sense of belongingness for both in the community.
viii.            To restore the image of gender and it’s perception in the society.
    ix.            To promote gender awareness in the society within the society.

      x.            To provide necessary knowledge on the issues of facts on Gender matters within the society.