Sunday, 12 June 2016

Dr.Reginald Mengi, We appreciate your efforts to support Vulnerable Groups IN OUR COMMUNITIES IN THE TANZANIA

 Dr.Reginald Mengi , Managing Director of IPP Media is a role model because he has been helping vulnerable groups such as lame, deaf, mentally disadvantaged as well as albinos.
Dr.Reginald has been helping these vulnerable groups food, money and even, the support of education to make them fulfill their dreams without checking the status they have as a community considered to be unable to grasp.
We as an Gender Organization we recognize his contribution to these vulnerable groups.
We ask others to imitate the example of Dr. Reginarld Mengi lot to help the people of special groups
Managing Director
BOX 6444
Morogoro, Tanzania

Hon.Mwigulu Nchemba Minister for Home Affairs of the United Republic of Tanzania promotes Gender Equality !!

The leader is a role model in matters of care of children and especially gender equity in household responsibilities.
This is our Minister for Home Affairs of the United Republic of Tanzania, who has demonstrated a model and know the community level where gender roles, carrying a child with great pleasure.

Every leader is responsible to ensure that the example of role model to take an example from this Minister to reality and acts primarily convince the issue of social importance and benefits of gender equality in our society to begin in our families.
Gender equality is everyone's responsibility, a leader and has considered various organizations to ensure the development of women and men in society without discrimination and oppression.
Gender equality is a pillar development.
Manging Director
BOX 6444, Morogoro