Sunday, 29 May 2016

Do highly educated women have a problem finding partners because men are too intimidated to ask them out?

All women have a problem finding partners

Not only highly educated women
but highly intelligent women
Highly attractive women
Highly imaginative   women
Hignly creative women
Highly talented women
Very rich women
Very famous women
Very competitive women
Very practical women
And particularly, very available women

According to women's magazines, books, movies, etc. finding a soul mate is their main purpose in life. In fact even the term 'soul mate' is only used by women, and 'finding Mr Right' has no equal term in men's vocabulary

For most unmarried women of a marriageable age, much of their time, money, and energy is devoted to finding  suitable partners
The question comes down to 'What do women want?'
what do women want?
If Sigmund Freud couldn't answer it, I guess most men can't

Whereas most women can satisfy what men want, and try to meet these demands, they typically do so at a cost to their own needs, desires, expectations and satisfaction

Women speak a different language to men
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Men rarely know how to talk to women, and make little effort to try

There is also the   aspect that the more empowered women become in society, the more it puts them out of reach of the majority of men

If a woman is well educated or highly intelligent, she expects (hopes) to find a man who is not only more educated/intelligent than she is, but wealthier, stronger, taller, fitter, better connected, and in just about every way superior to her

Whereas he will think in terms of passing on his own attributes to their children, she is thinking in terms of  passing on both their attributes to their children

Whereas  he assumes her role is largely that of caring in various ways
she assumes he will be caring, protective, faithful, practical, and in general, her shield against a world that is hostile to women on many levels

To a large extent, womens 'problems' are related to their relationships, and how they see themselves
Whereas men's problems are mainly relatted to work and their status

All of this is well known, and is basically  the way we structure our society
That is, you can judge a country's politics almost entirely on the way that country recognises a woman's right to choose her partner

In asnwer to the question of whether highly educated women have a problem of finding a partner because men are intimidated to ask them out, the answer is both Yes and No

A highly educated woman will probably have a 'high maintenance' lifestyle, so that will automatically put many men out of the running
Men who can afford a high maintenance woman will have a wide range of choices regarding possible partners
This in turn may lead to such a woman to present herself as less educated or intelligent than she really is, in order to let the man appear superior (or at least not find her competitive)

This approach has led to women in general to develop ways and means of attaining their goals in more subtle ways of manipulation
Whereas a woman cannot easily hide her high education, she can hide her high intelligence, and may well do so if it suits her purpose

And of course, ultimately men do not consider 'education' as high on the list of attributes they seek in a partner
They look for someone they can easily relate to, fun to be with, sympathetic, caring, and there when needed
You can't get a degree in that

One that comes to mind immediately was a former cheerleader for the Detroit Lions American Football team. Whenever my then wife and I needed a babysitter, Cindy was almost always available. Men would look at her and automatically assume that she either had a boyfriend or husband and would turn them down if they asked for a date or that she would turn them down because she wouldn't consider them "good enough" to date her.

I introduced her to a co-worker and they have been happily married now for over 10 years.