Thursday, 26 May 2016


The west perceives Africa as the dark continent plagued with basic troubles which have rendered her incapable of advancing herself! Oh mother Africa, your beloved children are the root cause of your problems! Why is Africa still unadvanced in the midst of precious natural resources in huge quantities?

This question sounds simple to most of us, but the answer is ridiculously complex! And only a fool says that being black is condemned darkness and inferiority, because blacks and whites were all created in the image of God!

Moreover, I still cannot fathom out why Africa finds it impossible to solve her basic troubles like poverty, diseases, ignorance, conflicts, hunger, corruption etc! However, my candid observation shows that the apathy of blacks is to blame for this phenomenon! Our apathy as blacks is slowly killing our dear continent! Also, do you believe that the whites are only destined to advance Africa for us? That is acute slave mentality emanating from Africa's colonisation and now neocolonisation! Gosh, we blacks need to undergo personal mental and attitudinal metamorphosis!

Damn it, we blacks must take responsibility for the advancement of Africa, because the future of Africa is great! Oh Lord help me complete my transformational contribution to the advancement of Africa! As a teenage Pan-Africanist, I am creating the future of Africa in my world, because I want a secure continent for my descendants in Africa! Fellow teenage Africans, we are the future of Africa and we must work to eventually save our dear continent from her resource curse! #IAmAProudBlackAfrican

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